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The Teme Valley motocross Club has been established since 1977 and it currently has 25 members.  The club is affiliated to the AMCA which is the Amateur Motorcycle Association.

The Boraston Motocross Circuit is situated just outside the village of Boraston, which is signposted off the A456 Newnham Bridge to Tenbury Well Road.

The track address is "field off New Barns Farm" Postcode SY8 3AY

The Boraston track is an AMCA owned track that was originally found by the club back in 1976 and sold to the organisation in 1982, to ensure it would continue to be used as a motocross venue and didn't get built on.  We have maintained it as our "own" track ever since and developed the best circuit in the West Midlands group, one of the best and most popular track in the country.

We never have problems attracting riders and usually take close to 288 riders per meeting, which is the AMCA maximum at an event

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